Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extension products for the best price making the extension process more seamless and flawless with Miskoka Beauty products.

Miskoka Beauty provides luxury products at an affordable price and we carefully inspect each of our products before shipping. We are fully committed to success. As a buyer you will receive amazing prices, reliable products and passionate customer service.  


About our founder Nicole Manion


Nicole Manion is the owner/operator of both Muskoka Aesthetics and Miskoka Beauty, so named in homage to her pageantry days as Miss Muskoka. As a contestant in several pageants, including Miss Universe, and inspired by the unique beauty of the Muskoka landscape, Nicole learned how inner beauty, like a carefully groomed garden, could be enhanced rather than camouflaged through aesthetics. This led her to build a business that she hoped would promote self esteem and confidence in her clients. Nicole’s core belief is:

When you are confident you are beautiful.


  • Winner of multiple Athletic and Business Achievement Awards                                                                                 

  • Women of Distinction Award 


Make your dreams a reality...  

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